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New Store Features!

Posted by Jason McMillen on

Hey folks, thanks for visiting the store! If it's been a little while since you've been here then we have some great news. To help enhance your shopping experience with Red Ant Retro there have been a few awesome features added to the store over the last couple of weeks.

Here let me give you the rundown of some of the new updates to your shopping experience.


Now all customers can save a list of products that they would love to have. Save a bunch of games or cool hardware on your list and even share it with friends and family for the all important birthday or other gift giving holidays.

You just simply click on the "Add to Wishlist" button on the products you want to keep handy and they'll be added to look at later. You can then access this list on the store's header right beside the "Cart" button.

To share your list just click on any of the social media or email buttons below and a popup will appear that'll guide you in sending it to all your friends, fans or loved ones!

Social Media

We all use social media so this just makes sense. Now it's easier to share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all the cool things you found here on the store. Even the new wishlist feature is social media enabled!

In addition to being able to share stuff from the store. There is a new Twitter account setup for those of you who are fans of tweets. @RedAntRetro will be sending out all the cool retro related stuff it can find, like & retweet and of course lets not forget keep it's followers informed about new deals & special promotions happening on the store it's self.

We also have a Facebook page you can come visit any time in between browsing those walls and the all important news wall. Come check us out at!

You can also scan and drop a message to us via this cool new Facebook messenger scan code.

Follow Price

Here is another handy feature we've added most recently from Follow Price. So the price of these games go up and down quite infrequently right? Well wouldn't it be great to be notified when this happens so you can take advantage of the price drop? Phone apps do this, now retro games do too!

Here is a simple explanation of how it works.

We added it right next to the price so you can keep an eye on all those games you love.

List of Services at the Retro Shop

Since refurbishing & repairs are our specialty I felt it was important to come up with a list of standard repairs so everyone has an idea of what it would cost to make your systems like new again. Now most of these repairs are not set in stone and really only an estimate especially when it comes to fixing something outside of this list.

Should you have need of the Retro Shop please don't hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have or set up a time to drop off your system to get it looked at.


Well thats most of what is new to the store. We will continue to add other new features and make other improvements as customers or we can think of anything that will make Red Ant Retro a better place to shop for the best retro video games & consoles from an era that was beyond rad!

Happy gaming & keep searching!

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