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So What is a Retro Game?

Posted by Jason McMillen on

This may be obvious because most already understand the term "retro" to mean old. Looking further in latin "retro" is really a prefix from Latin meaning “backward”. You can then instead take this to mean that retro games are not just old, but more importantly a step back in time to days of gaming past.

Now when we talk about video games in a more modern context you could sum this up to just about any console or handheld system that is no longer actively supported by their manufacturers. The option is of course yours, but well contested by collectors & enthusiasts alike.

This leads us to the topic of the generations of the various handheld and home base console.  We are currently in the 8th Generation of video games which includes the Wii U, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Retro game collectors & retro video game enthusiasts will usually hunt for and gather just about everything between the 1st and 6th generations. The 7th generation is still partially active and as such not considered truly "retro" by the definition in a way that defines the hobby so we won't get into those here.

What is the scope of a serious collector's target compilation of games? Do you just like to play them? How do you define your small modest collection? Well that is entirely up to you and what you like. What did you grow up with? What games and consoles impacted you when you were young? How will you treat your collection?


Maybe you grew up with newer systems like the Nintendo 64 or Gamecube and are looking to experience the games from systems your parents or older siblings used to own. These are relevant reasons to take a trip back in time and explore the 80's, 90's or even early 2000's to see what folks were playing back then.

Here at Red Ant Retro we focus on games and systems generally within the 3rd to 6th generation, mainly from Nintendo, Sega, Sony & Microsoft consoles. This is our scope and where we intend to expand out into the foreseeable future. We do like to keep our customers happy, so if you have any needs outside of this we can of course accommodate special requests.

Though we are currently listing games from the 3rd and 4th generations (NES, SNES, Game Boy & Genesis) we're soon to move into the 5th with the N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, original Xbox, PlayStations 1 & 2 and of course the Gamecube.

Years from now these new systems will eventually become history and your kids' kids will be calling the Nintendo NX or PlayStation 5 retro. Ultimately retro gaming is a journey back through time of your childhood or someone else's. It's a wonderful hobby and as long as the people who collect and own these games take care of them, then they will last for future generations to come.

Have fun collecting & happy retro gaming!

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