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It's been 1 year!

Posted by Jason McMillen on

Hey everyone I just wanted to finally post another one of our blogs to let everyone know that this month marks our first full year since we opened the store up online!

I am so proud of all the hard work everyone here at Red Ant Retro has done and how much the store has grown over its' first year. I know that I've centrally learned a lot in this past year and we will continue to do so over the coming years as we strive to be the best retro video game specialists in Canada!

We just launched more Sega platforms this past month and will be leading into more hardware & systems based on these platforms going into this year. Also we haven't forgotten that have some disc games we promised to put out as well so expect them to be coming soon as well!

While we have been a little slow to get them onto the store expect to see PlayStation 1 & 2, original Xbox and more GameCube! In case you don't already know, the main reason it takes so long is that we don't just throw them out into bins as they are, we go above and beyond to professionally clean & test them all! We also want to make sure we are prepared to handle the general maintenance and repair of the systems we sell as well so research on new replacement parts takes a bit of time as well.

Speaking of which lets not forget the awesome service we provide for all the repair work you need on your poor damaged systems and other hardware. I believe that we can offer you the best so much that I've officially branded our workshop as The Retro Shop.

If you have a failing system, controllers or anything else that could use a little work, we would be super glad to have you contact us to bring it in and get it back to top working order with new parts and made super clean. To prove to you that we are highly professional and care very much about your retro gaming hardware we guarantee all our work for 6-months. We do not charge for an assessment to see whats going on and most of our general servicing work is flat rate fees plus cost of parts. Plus if I cannot fix it, I do not charge the customer for labour. We are the only people in Canada that do this and it's our little way to show that we really do care about our customers and their repair work.

We sincerely hope you've enjoyed being a customer and hope you will be back to see all the exciting new things we will be offering over the coming year. Lots of new products and trade show events to attend! Our next event will be back at the C2 Centre in Bonnyville, AB his April 1st from 10am - 4pm. Be sure to drop by to see the cool new toys and special bundles we're offering exclusively this weekend at the event. If your a Sega fan you don't want to miss this one!

Have yourselves an awesome day, be excellent to each other and of course... happy retro gaming!

-- Jason McMillen
Red Ant Retro

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