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Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys (Sega Genesis, 1991)

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Evil is on the verge of taking over the enchanted land of Ys. You must battle bloodthirsty monsters to save the land. As luck would have it, you can employ 25 types of swords, armors, and rings. When the going gets tough, magical items can aid you in your quests. As the game progresses, cinematic sequences reveal the plot, and a stereo soundtrack accentuates the action. Feel free to take a break at any time since the battery backup feature allows the game to be saved at any time. Protect the land, and vanquish evil in YS: Wanderers from Ys III.

The opening scene informs the player that it has been three years since the events of Ys I and Ys II. Adol Christin and his friend Dogi are on a journey. Passing through a town, they find a gypsy caravan and Dogi has his fortune told. The fortune teller's crystal ball explodes and both Adol and Dogi decide to go to Dogi's hometown of Redmont. On the way to Redmont, the pair chance upon a wildcat that attacks them, saving Dogi's childhood friend, Elena Stoddart, in the process. Upon arriving, they learn that the townspeople are being threatened by men from nearby Valestein Castle. Always ready for adventure, Adol decides to assume the task of helping them out.

Instead of the top-down camera view used in previous Ys games, Ys III uses a side-scrolling platformer presentation. Auto-attack is removed; the player must push a button to make Adol attack enemies. Otherwise, the gameplay mechanics are identical to previous entries in the series. The statistics, equipment, shopping, experience system, and magic all function the same as in Ys I and II (though spells are represented by rings instead of wand icons, and MP is renamed "Ring Power"), and neither the player character nor the enemies have temporary invincibility.

The soundtrack to the original version of Ys III was entirely composed by Mieko Ishikawa.
Product Information
Publisher Renovation Products, Inc.
Game Ys III: Wanderers from Ys
UPC 0720238101507
Platform Sega Genesis
Genre Platformer, Role Playing Game
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1991
Game Series Ys Series
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