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Animaniacs (Nintendo SNES, 1994)

  • $1600

They're zany to the max and make you laugh till you collapse. They're Animaniacs. Join Yakko, Wakko and Dot as they strive to put an end to Pinky & the Brain's quest for global domination. The mice have managed to steal the hottest script in Hollywood, which, after it has made billions of dollars, will enable them to eventually take over the world.

As the Warner brothers (and the Warner sister), it's your job to find the missing scenes of the script as you make your way through seven Warner Bros. movie sound stages, including "Adventure Kingdom," "Fantastic Fantasy Zone" and "Ocean of Doom." You control either Yakko, Wakko or Dot as the other two follow closely behind, even climbing on top of you if the situation calls for it. However, when one gets captured, you must rescue him (or her). Otherwise, your game is over after all three Warners have been caught.

Along the way, other popular Animaniacs from the animated series will make cameos. These include such favorites as Dr. Scratchansniff, the Goodfeathers, Ralph the security guard and the Warner Brothers' favorite medical assistant, ("Hellooooo, Nurse!").
Product Information
Publisher Konami of America, Inc.
Game Animaniacs
UPC 083717150183
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1994
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