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Mega Man 6 (Nintendo NES, 1994)

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Mega Man 6 is the sixth installment of the original series. The story begins with a contentious robot battle with participants from all over the globe. Mr. X reprograms eight of the most powerful contestants in the battle and sets out on a path toward global conquest. As Mega Man, you have to foil Mr. X's plot and save the world. Unlike its predecessors, the game features new Rush adapters that grant you the ability to turn into a jet and Power Mega Man. In these forms, you can cover wide areas while exploring and taking down the bad guys. It features well-composed music to accompany the action, and the graphics are fantastic for optimal clarity.

Destructoid editor Tony Ponce considered Mega Man 6 the best game in the entire series. He argued that the game "was retro before retro was cool" due to Capcom's decision to develop it as a higher profile game on the NES during the era of fourth generation consoles. He also expressed appreciation for its music, introductions for each Robot Master, and the use of branching pathways in each level, among many other reasons. Nintendo Power listed Mega Man 6 as the best NES game of 1993, stating, "His sixth NES adventure, in which he uses two new, Special Power-Ups, might just be his best". Craig Skistimas of ScrewAttack also appreciated these innovations and regretted missing out on the game when it was first released. Mega Man 6 is listed by IGN as the 58th best game on the NES. The writers summarized, "Mega Man 6 is considered by many to be the last worthwhile NES release in the catalog, and though that's not saying much when looking at the title's contemporaries, Mega Man 6 is still as good as it gets in many respects."
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game Mega Man 6
UPC 045496630768
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1994
Game Series Mega Man Series
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