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Mike Piazza's Strike Zone (Nintendo N64, 1998)

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Mike Piazza's StrikeZone, the third baseball game released on the Nintendo 64, features a full Major League Baseball license for real teams and stadiums as well as over 700 authentic players with statistics based on the 1997 season. The game is notable for using a non-traditional batter's view as players take their swings from an angled perspective instead of looking straight toward the pitcher's mound.

Besides playing a Single Game with any two teams of their choice, players can participate in Season Play (15, 81 or 162 games), World Series (seven-game format for one or two players), an All-Star Game or the Home Run Derby (one or two players try to knock as many pitches as they can out of the park).

If you decide to embark on a season, you'll be able to make trades (the computer may reject one-sided deals), choose from two schedules and make substitutions or lineup changes to help you reach the playoffs and the World Series. Players are also free to draft their own teams from scratch by creating a new league and selecting which stars to sign.

Not happy with your current roster? Upset about the computer picking all the great players? If so, you'll be able to edit your athletes as you see fit, including changing each person's hair color, body type, name, number, face and batting style. Players can also play games at night, during rain, on grass or on artificial turf.

Rounding out the package are statistics in 50 different categories for each player, 1998 opening day rosters and hidden features such as exaggerated curveballs, monster home runs and super-fast pitches to add a new dimension to play. A Controller Pak is required in order to save season statistics, new teams and edited players. Snap in the optional Rumble Pak peripheral to feel vibration feedback after every hit!
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game Mike Piazza's Strike Zone
UPC 742725151444
Platform Nintendo 64
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Rumble Pak
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 1998
Game Special Features
  • Features five play modes: Single Game, Season, World Series, All-Star Game, and Home Run Derby
  • Freely edit a player's name, number, build, attributes, and more
  • Edit teams and re-draft players at the start of each new season
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