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10-Yard Fight (Nintendo NES, 1985)

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The first football cartridge on the 8-bit NES, 10-Yard Fight is based on Irem's 1984 arcade game. Viewed from an overhead perspective high above the gridiron, the action involves marching your offense up the field to score points against a series of four computer-controlled defenses. Yet the points in 10-Yard Fight are not derived from traditional scoring rules. Certain actions you accomplish, from completing passes to achieving first downs, add to your overall point total.

10-Yard Fight's other notable feature is that you only control the offense. As quarterback, you can attempt forward passes, lateral the ball to your running back, or run with the ball yourself. If the defense intercepts a pass, you simply continue at a 20-yard deficit. You also have a time limit to deal with, which can be extended by converting first downs. Score within the allotted time and the game automatically advances to the second half. Score again, and you'll face a more challenging team with a shorter amount of time.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called it the "patriarch of football games". Sports Illustrated's Adam Duerson stated that while no one remembered it or could say what makes it great, it is worth recognition for the fact that it brought football games out of the Atari era, setting a simple precedent for future football games. UGO Networks' Adam Swiderski called it "downright advanced" compared to earlier football titles. He added that while it looked neat and had a quality soundtrack, it didn't play like "real football". The Columbus Dispatch's Nick Chordas said that it was realistic for the time, commenting that the players looked like real people. N-Sider called it more like a racing game than a football game, due to the objective being racing for a first down to increase players' time. Author Bj Klein, however, called it less realistic than Tecmo Bowl. The Journal News' called it an "immortal classic".
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game 10-Yard Fight
UPC 045496630270
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1985
Game Series Sports Series
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