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About Us

We're very happy that you have taken an interest in us here at Red Ant Retro. We offer fully restored aftermarket "retro" video games, consoles & accessories as well as repair parts to help get your favourite classic systems up and running like new again.

I am Jason, an Avionics Technician by trade, trained to repair & maintain electronics equipment while serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force. My specialty is repairing damaged electronics and restoring game consoles to a like-new functionality.

While many say that they grew up with video games, I can honestly say that the games industry also grew up along with me. My 1st childhood game console was Mattel's Intellivision and we had a handful of games such as Night Stalker, Tron Deadly Discs, Astrosmash!, Donkey Kong and Burger Time. Since then I've owned several home video game consoles such as the NES and SNES and have become a devout video game design & industry history aficionado.


I started up my little workshop in late 2015, practicing and learning new techniques to safely & reliably repair non-functioning circuit boards, unresponsive buttons, scratched discs, restore yellowed plastics, replace dead batteries in carts, removal of any & all oxidization, rust & corroded game cart contacts and more without damaging or destroying the hardware. I've since cleaned, sold & restored several systems and countless games.

I do most of the restoration & repair work, but from time to time my wife also helps out with the workload of pricing & getting our large catalog of games ready for the store. While we have lots of ambition and lots of fun ideas to provide you with lots of classic retro gaming products, we are still very much a small family business.

We are located in Alberta, Canada in the small town of Cold Lake. We launched our online store on February 2016 to bring you some of history's greatest retro video games and the consoles and accessories that play them.

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