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Air Fortress (Nintendo NES, 1989)

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Air Fortress is fearless and untamed, and it is a solid pick for shootists. Pleasure seekers and families are going to appreciate the graphics, quality, and excitement of Air Fortress. This video game is the ultimate option for entertaining yourself for hours and chasing away boredom. You can take your best shots for hours without getting tired since this video game is designed for gamepad and joystick-based game controls. Since this action game includes colorful and pleasing graphics, you will be able to watch how the background, imagery, and color palette blend to create a rewarding environment. Since Air Fortress delivers high-pressure and weaponized gameplay, you will be able to empty your ammo and keep firing to stay alive. This video game is intended for a single player, which means you are able to play it alone whenever you're in the mood. This action game is a superb supplement to your video game system, allowing you to enjoy it again and again as a favorite item in your game collection.

The people of the planet Farmel, having recently gained the technology for space travel, eagerly explored the galaxy only to find a herd of monstrous "Air Fortresses" moving in their direction. They quickly discovered that the Fortresses behaved like interstellar locusts, consuming all of the resources and living things in their path. The Space Federation sent their mightiest fleet, which was quickly eliminated by the powerful Fortresses. In a final gambit they send a single warrior named Hal Bailman, outfitted with a shielded spacesuit, powerful weapons, and small "lightship" to infiltrate the Fortresses and destroy them from the inside out.
Product Information
Publisher HAL Laboratory
Game Air Fortress
UPC 040458036077
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Scrolling Shooter, Platform-Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1989
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