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Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Sega Master System, 1987)

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Alex Kidd returns for his second adventure in Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars. Players guide Sega's former franchise character through six levels of strange lands (including underwater) in order to recover 12 stars. Levels are timed, but they can be beaten the first time through by experienced gamers since easily timed jumps (over obstacles such as letters and rolling heads) and easily shot enemies are the only challenges the game has to offer. For those who need them, power-ups can be found that will provide Alex with higher jumps, cloud shots, ultra shots and additional time. Bright, colorful graphics further enhance this game's reputation as a Kidds-only platformer.
Product Information
Publisher Sega of America, Inc.
Game Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
UPC 010086070057
Platform Sega Master System
Genre Action/Adventure, Platformer
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1987
Game Series Alex Kidd Series
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