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American Gladiators (Nintendo SNES, 1993)

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Based on the popular TV show, American Gladiators has players competing against Gladiators Ice, Gold, Gemini, and Laser in seven events: Joust, Wall, Powerball, Atlasphere, Human Cannonball, Assault, and the Eliminator.

The game offers a two-player mode that alternates between simultaneous and alternating play based on the event. There is also a tournament mode where up to 16 players (8 male and 8 females), can face off, where any missing slots are filled in by computer players.

The Eliminator in this game combines elements of the first two seasons' courses. The treadmill run and handbike are the first two obstacles, followed by a run across the balance beam through a gauntlet of what appeares to be blocking pads (mimicking the first season course's attempts at the same thing, but using medicine balls instead). The cargo net climb and zipline are next, followed by the choice of a door which may or may not have a Gladiator behind it.

The player has 60 seconds to complete the course and any fall immediately deducts 10 seconds from whatever time the player has left at that particular point. The player that reaches the finish line first, regardless of time penalties, receives 10 points and the second place player receives 5. If an Eliminator ends with a tie score, the players run the course again to break the tie.
Product Information
Publisher GameTek
Game American Gladiators
UPC 043948510101
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1993
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