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Apex (Microsoft Xbox, 2003)

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Apex is a racing game with the unconventional element of car manufacturing as one of its distinguishing features. Rather than embark on a series of races simply to earn trophies or points, players help build prestige and brand loyalty for their prototype sports car. Once enough races have been won against top auto manufacturers, players can start their own production line to produce models based on their particular style of vehicle. Sales profits can fund the design of more vehicles, and the cycle will continue as long as demand is high.

This form of play, entitled Dream Mode, also features a cast of characters who provide support and advice to the owner/driver. Players can consult with a race engineer, secretary, production manager, and R&D manager. Races are visually depicted on the office calendar, so players are free to pick and choose whether to compete in a Free Event or Championship. Free Events are single races while Championships involve a series of three. Special challenges will also crop up from time to time with increased media awareness, where a top finish can earn the coveted cover of the hottest car magazine.

Car categories fall into four styles: roadsters, sports cars, super cars, and dream cars. The better the car, the more powerful the engine. Players can take these vehicles for a spin in the separate Arcade Mode, which consists of a Quick Race, Time Attack, or One-on-One event. A series of international tracks are spread out across 12 locales in North America, Europe, and Asia as players compete against such models as the Toyota Supra, Lotus GT1, 2003 Dodge Viper RT-10, and various other licensed vehicles. The four available circuits take place in cities, mountain roads, racetracks, and stadiums/speedways.

The game received "mixed or average" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic, receiving a score of 76/100, based on 26 critic reviews.
Product Information
Publisher Infogrames
Game Apex
UPC 0742725243972
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Steering Wheel
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 2003
Game Special Features
  • Dabble in auto production while choosing blueprints, upgrading the garage, and funding research
  • Three difficulty levels and two types of driving styles: normal and drift
  • Five different camera angles include far rear, hood, near ground, last, and near rear
  • 80 cars, 54 tracks, and fully customizable controls
  • Graphic engine supports an estimated 500,000 polygons per track as well as real-time damage
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