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Army Men: Advance (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2001)

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Chaos has erupted in both the Plastic and Human Worlds in Army Men Advance, for the Game Boy Advance, and it's up to you to guide either Vikki G., the ace reporter, or Sarge, the powerful soldier, into the Tan Army's camp and attempt to conquer their leader, Plastro. But it won't be easy, and may even require you to be captured in order to penetrate the opposition forces. But the fate of the Green Nation depends on a successful mission.

In all, the challenge spans 17 levels, with some of the more interesting ones including the bathroom, the patio, the Tan jail, and the garage. During game play, a user's health, selected weapon, and stash of grenades are all displayed on the screen, while they battle against Tan Soldiers, aliens, robots, bugs, and finally the head leader, Plastro. Available weapons include an M-16, which comes with unlimited ammo, a more advanced M-60, a flamethrower used to melt the plastic enemies, a bazooka which comes with a limit of nine shots, and finally the grenades. Weapons that the user's character has collected can be viewed by pressing the L button, and fired using the A button. Randomly placed around the courses are health packs, which help stave off fatigue, and increase the characters chances of making to the end.

Saving just the Plastic Toy world won't be enough to successfully complete this game, as Plastro's forces have penetrated into the Human world as well. Users should be on the lookout for portals, which will send them racing toward the opposite world, where attempts can be made to stop the enemy advances.

In addition to fighting the enemies and advancing through the stages, users will also have the opportunity to complete challenging puzzles or find their way through confusing mazes. Within each stage of the game, there will be certain objectives that must be met, and these can be viewed by pressing Start and navigating through the Pause Menu.

Other important controls include the R button, which allows the character the strafe and the B button, which throws grenades, if the user has collected enough.

At any point during the game, which can be played at an easy, medium, or hard level of difficulty, a password can be entered, that allows users to pick right back off where they left off in saving the Green Nation, in Army Men Advance.
Product Information
Publisher The 3DO Company
Game Army Men: Advance
UPC 790561523116
Platform Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Genre Shooter
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
ESRB Descriptor Mild Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 2001
Game Series Army Men Series
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