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Barbie Fashion Pack Games (Nintendo Game Boy, 2000)

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Barbie Fashion Pack Games is a collection of seven themed puzzle activities: Lipstick Launcher, Rings and Things, Shoe Shopping, Bead Builder, Perfume Factory, Shirt Designer, and Skirt Unscrambler. Gameplay typically involves catching pairs of falling accessories, such as purses or hair dryers, or matching patterns and colors. Two games offer slightly different play styles, however. Skirt Unscrambler has you manipulating picture pieces to form a complete image, while Perfume Factory involves connecting pipes so drops of perfume can empty into a bottle.

Once each activity is finished, it can be revisited at a more challenging level; completing all seven will unlock the bonus game of Hanger Hide-Away. The object in this activity is to remove clothes hangers from a diamond-shaped screen by matching pairs of similarly colored hangers. Another benefit of completing each activity is to earn clothing items for the Fashion Room. This area lets players dress and accessorize Barbie or friends Christie, Kira, and Teresa. Barbie Fashion Pack also includes a password save feature so you can continue your progress at a later time.
Product Information
Publisher Mattel Interactive
Game Barbie Fashion Pack Games
UPC 074299263385
Platform Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 2000
Game Special Features
  • Features seven action puzzle games
  • Win clothing items for Barbie, Christie, Kira, and Teresa
  • Unlock an eighth game, Hanger Hide-Away, by completing the other titles
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