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Big Strike Bowling (Sony PlayStation, 2003)

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Big Strike Bowling offers a light-hearted look at the popular sport of bowling by mixing a wide array of fanciful characters (all customizable) and four venues (classical lanes, tropical beach setting, cosmic atmosphere, and a back-alley alley) with real-world physics. Players make adjustments to the curving arc of the ball prior to delivery, bowler position, speed, and power as they compete in four types of gameplay: Open Game, Team Game, Progressive Play and Tournament. The tournament pits the player's bowler in a bracket consisting of 32 opponents, with a "sudden death" roll-off provided in case of a tie in the final game.

Players use money earned by winning tournament games to purchase bowling accessories and items, such as shoes, shirts, pants, and ball covers, as well as to unlock other bowlers and secrets. Player stats, including average, high game, earnings (from progressive and tournament games), percentage of strikes and spares per game, and number of wins and losses, can be saved. Even though the characters are exaggerated and the settings somewhat improbable, action in Big Strike Bowling presents believable challenges ranging from savvy competition to the ignominy of fouling at the line.

The gameplay is very basic. You always play one-on-one against an opponent. To throw your ball, you first have to position your bowler towards the left or the right of the alley. Using the shoulder buttons you can adjust the aiming arrow. Once you have stopped both the power and accuracy meter using the X button, you hopefully haven't thrown in the gutter.
Product Information
Publisher Gotham Games
Game Big Strike Bowling
UPC 710425231704
Platform Sony PlayStation
Genre Bowling
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 6
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 2003
Game Special Features
  • Four game modes: Open Game, Team Game, Progressive, and Tournament
  • Customize bowler looks, shoes, shirts, pants, ball covers, skin, hair color, hair style, and name
  • Unlock additional bowlers and secrets
  • Venues include tropical beach, back-alley, cosmic atmosphere, and classic "rockin'" lanes
  • Adjust bowler position, speed, power, and delivery resulting in realistic ball-movement physics
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