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Cannondale Cup (Nintendo SNES, 1994)

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Cannondale Cup is a mountain bike racer featuring eight offbeat riders competing on eight themed courses. Each course represents one of four stages in the fictitious Tour de Grunge: qualifier, regional, champion, and final. To advance in the tour, you'll need to either complete a set number of laps or reach a certain number of points. Choose one of eight Cannondale-licensed bikes, each individually rated in speed, tires, acceleration, and shocks, then view the action from a perspective behind your rider. Instead of merely passing your rivals on the Mode-7 enhanced courses, you can knock them out of position by giving them a well-timed punch. A modified version of Cannondale Cup was released as Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally for the Life Fitness exercise bike add-on, the Lifecycle 3500.

GamePro gave the game a generally positive review, saying it "mixes racing realism and surrealism." They criticized the lack of digitized voices but praised the Mode 7 effects, airborne animations, numerous options, and good controls.
Product Information
Publisher American Softworks Corporation
Game Cannondale Cup
UPC 729627121119
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Super Multi-Tap
Number of Players 1 - 4
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
ESRB Descriptor Animated Violence
Release Year 1994
Game Special Features
  • Includes eight quirky characters and eight licensed bikes
  • Compete on a total of eight courses
  • Punch rivals on your way to victory
  • Features eight Cannondale bikes to choose from; four awesome Circuit stages; eight unique riders; realistic bike physics; insane jumps and scary-fast races
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