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Clash At Demonhead (Nintendo NES, 1990)

  • $2500

Professor Plum (no relation to the Clue academian) has created a truly nasty, world-ending device called the Doomsday Bomb. As with all things evil, the bad guys want it for themselves. This being the case, a renegade group called the Lawbreakers has taken the professor hostage as well as the bomb. They are presented holed up at Demon Head Mountain planning the usual bad guy song on how to destroy the world. It's up to you as Billy "Big Bang" to go to Demon Head Mountain and rescue both Professor Plum and the world. The goal of this game is to find the Force, which can only be obtained after getting the Hermit. Using a wide variety of special items to help you, such as a jet pack and aqualungs, you must explore the 30 different ways to get into Demon Head and save the professor.
Product Information
Publisher Vic Tokai, Inc.
Game Clash At Demonhead
UPC 034912784550
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Action/Adventure, Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990
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