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Dead Angle (Sega Master System, 1989)

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Imagine yourself in 1930s New York; the mobs are in control of nearly everything and everyone, including the police. Yet one man chooses to defy them, placing mob boss Robert King in the slammer and leading a productive but dangerous life as a private eye.

As you walk away from his cell, Robert King vows revenge against you, George Phenix. You simply shrug it off as nothing more than empty threats, but you should have known better. While vacationing in Napoli with your girlfriend Jane, King's goons steal your girl, making good on his threat and angering you beyond words.

Packing a little surprise for King that holds six shiny bullets, you stalk through the streets of Napoli, New York and Chicago, taking down Robert's boys from five different families, climbing your way up the chain of mobsters to King, your girl and the final showdown.

Dead Angle puts you in the Private Detective shoes of George Phenix, armed with his trusty revolver as he blasts his way through six rounds of gangsters spanning across three cities. Each round you'll encounter a different mob family, each with a boss you'll have to put down; the Enrico, Salvatore, Orazio, Vincentor and Tomasso families, finally making your way into King's hideout.

Aiming at the gangsters from a first-person perspective, Dead Angle utilizes a crosshair to target your foes, while a silhouette of George Phenix's body allows you to see your proximity to enemies and whether you're in range of their fire.

If your silhouette turns red, you're being targeted and better haul your tail out of there or crouch to avoid their bullets! Each round is non-linear in its scrolling, allowing you to target ground-based enemies or mobsters firing from windows, in any direction.

Gangsters (at least the ones present in this game) come in three varieties: gray, yellow and red. The gray ones will jump, roll and fire at you, the yellow ones prefer to make a passing run as they attempt to fill you full of lead, while the red fire from a defensive crouch.

Each round features a limited number of these thugs and only when you've managed to pick off the last one, will you face off with the mob boss for that round. That is...if you can do it in time, as each round places you under a time limit.

And while you don't expect this battle to be an easy one, if things are getting rough, you can find a Tommy gun allowing you to spray your foes with a cartridge of 300 bullets or a first-aid kit to heal your wounds.

Jane's waiting and her time is limited, prevent her from being fitted with a pair of concrete shoes and sleeping with the fishes -- holster your revolver and take to the streets, before it's too late.
Product Information
Publisher Sega of America, Inc.
Game Dead Angle
UPC 010086070309
Platform Sega Master System
Genre Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1989
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