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Dragon Spirit: The New Legend (Nintendo NES, 1990)

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Take on the role of the blue dragon and defeat the demon Zawell, in Dragon Spirit: the New Legend. Add this vertical shooter to your collection of Nintendo Entertainment System games, and learn how to throw fireballs at your opponents. Beginning players can take advantage of the game's easy mode, which features a golden dragon rather than a blue one. However, once you get in some practice, it's time to go blue and take on the Demon of Evil Darkness. Use your fiery breath against airborne opponents and save your fireballs for ground targets. Capture power ups for extra dragonheads, and receive increased firepower to incinerate your enemies. It takes a sharp eye and even sharper reflexes to beat this game.

The player has 360° control within the screen on display with most enemies appearing at the top of the screen. Players have to avoid hitting enemies on-screen as it would damage (and ultimately kill) the main character. Players have two kinds of attacks; shoot directly in the air with fire or bomb the ground with bombs. The main character sprite is large; meaning that the player is easy to destroy. There are nine worlds in the game - ranging from the Paleozoic era to a parallel universe known only as the Evil Palace where the final boss awaits the player in his lair.

Video game critics have given this game mixed reviews from very positive to very negative.
Product Information
Publisher Bandai
Game Dragon Spirit: The New Legend
UPC 045557083007
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Scrolling Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990
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