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ESWAT: City Under Siege (Sega Genesis, 1990)

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For years, crime has been a problem, although recently it has grown into a monster that is threatening to devour the entire world. The major source of fear among the population is the terrorist organization known as "E.Y.E."

Seeing the danger involved in the survival of E.Y.E., the government has sent for special soldiers that have been trained for just such a situation-ESWAT, which stands for Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics. These men are the only thing standing in the way of the evil E.Y.E.

Do you deserve to join the ranks of the ESWAT troops? We'll find out soon enough, because you have eight different missions to traverse, each with its own perils and dangers. Unfortunately, the members of E.Y.E. know you're coming.

The game is a sidescrolling platformer similar to Shinobi. The game is set in the near future, where the player controls a blonde police officer named Duke Oda who, over a series of levels, turns into the cyborg E.S.W.A.T. At first, as a rookie member of the Cyber Police force in the city of Liberty, the player has to clean the streets of an overwhelming crime wave and terminate the most wanted criminals. In the first and second levels of the game, the completely human Duke Oda can only utilize a single shot weapon and can only survive one hit. A second hit will kill him.
Product Information
Publisher Sega of America, Inc.
Game ESWAT: City Under Siege
UPC 010086011104
Platform Sega Genesis
Genre Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990
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