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Fairly OddParents: Shadow Showdown, The (Nintendo Gamecube, 2004)

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After Breakin' Da Rules a year earlier, the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series returns to home consoles for a Shadow Showdown. When all the television reception in Dimmsdale goes out, Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo take action (after all, they don't want to miss the season finale of their favorite show, Crash Nebula). As so often happens when the goodhearted lad and his Fairy Godparents try to solve a problem, however, things soon go much further than anyone expected. The three soon find themselves embroiled in a mysterious villain's all-out scheme to take over the world -- and they're the only ones who can stop him before it's too late. Luckily, thanks to his magical guardians' special powers, Timmy will have access to such imaginative devices as the "Super Irritating Klaxon," the "Pogo Stick of Justice," the "Super Cleft Freeze Ray," and other outlandish pieces of equipment that just might help even the odds. The Fairly Oddparents: Shadow Showdown features six levels based on individual episodes from the television show: "Fairly Disastrous," "Dad's Dream," "Take it on the Chin," "Get a Clue," "Vicky Strikes Back," and "The Great Esc-Ape."

The game starts with young Timmy Turner being excited to see a new special season finale episode of one of his favorite shows--Crash Nebula--on TV. However, he finds that his TV stops working just as it premieres, and the only other time it can be seen is a day later when it reruns. He attempts to have Cosmo and Wanda fix it through a wish, but they can't, since their wands aren't working.

The reason for this is that the Royal Jewel, the second most powerful source of fairy magic in existence, has been stolen, meaning that wish-granting powers have been disabled on a massive scale. Timmy goes on a mission to try to find out who stole the Jewel and turn him in, so that all will be returned to normal. The first suspect is Quince, the royal jester in service of Oberon and Titania, rulers of Fairy World, who was recently fired for "not being funny."

After fighting Quince, Timmy has him interrogated by Jorgen von Strangle, but it turns out that Quince did not have the Jewel, and the only way to get it back was by using the magic of the first-most-powerful source of magic: the famous Fairyversary Muffin (first introduced in the Fairly OddParents TV-Movie "Abra-Catastrophe!").

To assemble the muffin, Timmy must bake it with magical forms of common cake ingredients, namely super strong hair raising flour, a phoenix egg, pixie sugar, and mooncalf milk. He somehow orders everything using the Internet, but Vicky snatches everything, and the ingredients are scattered in various places, such as in the possession of his parents or of Vicky herself (although the Phoenix Egg was destroyed). With the ingredients compromised, the trio must work to recover everything and put together the muffin before it's too late.
Product Information
Publisher THQ
Game Fairly OddParents!: Shadow Showdown
UPC 785138380360
Platform Nintendo Gamecube
Genre Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
ESRB Descriptor Comic Mischief
Release Year 2004
Game Special Features
  • Featuring characters from the hit cartoon on Nickelodeon
  • Battle the villainous Shadow by using inventive gadgets such as the Super Sneakers and Wish Radar
  • Unlock video clips from the TV show and play as Cosmo and Wanda in Multiplayer games
  • Game Series The Fairly OddParents Series
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