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FIFA Soccer 08 (Sony PlayStation Portable, 2007)

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FIFA Soccer 08 is another yearly update in the soccer franchise and is the the fourth entry to appear on the PSP. It enhances the previous year's edition with new leagues and teams, updated rosters, and new gameplay modes, while retaining all of the established features.

The team lineup is the same as on other platforms, adding Australian, Czech and Irish leagues for a total of 30 national leagues, along with 20 clubs from the rest of the world and 43 international teams. Returning game modes include friendlies, manager mode, tournaments, wi-fi multiplayer, challenges (updated for the new season) and the mini-games Juggling and Wall Attack. Manager mode now features friendly matches in the off-season.

Introduced in the previous year's console version, the Interactive Leagues mode makes its debut on the PSP in this game. It allows players to play matches of their favorite club against other players according to the real-life schedule. Another new feature is the ability to create custom formations.

An entirely new mode is called Football IQ, which is a trivia quiz. It features trivia questions with a diagram of a field next to them. Answering questions correctly moves the ball forward on the field, eventually putting it in the goal, while getting them wrong moves it backwards and lets the other team score. The quiz features several levels, starting with questions about local clubs, then later moving into other leagues.
Product Information
Publisher EA Sports
Game FIFA Soccer 08
UPC 014633154849
Platform Sony PlayStation Portable
Genre Sports, Soccer
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2 (Ad Hoc/Infrastructure)
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 2007
Game Series FIFA Soccer Series
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