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Gumshoe (Nintendo NES, 1986)

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Gumshoe has you firing the Zapper light gun to protect a trench-coat-clad former FBI agent in his attempt to rescue his kidnapped daughter. According to the ransom note left behind by the abductor, Mr. Stevenson must retrieve five diamonds to save Jennifer. Stevenson automatically runs toward the right in four side-scrolling locales: city, sky, sea, and jungle. Yet before he can retrieve each area's diamonds, he'll need some protection. Shoot down harmful targets to ensure Stevenson collects the diamonds before time expires. Fire at the agent to make him jump over obstacles, and earn extra bullets or lives by hitting bonus targets.

Mr. Stevenson is an ex-FBI agent turned detective. He receives a ransom note from a mafia boss, King Dom, who has kidnapped Stevenson's daughter, Jennifer. Stevenson must collect five "Black Panther Diamonds" within 24 hours in order to see his daughter again.

Mr. Stevenson walks continuously to the right, and will jump if shot with the NES Zapper. The player must also shoot enemies as they appear on screen. Shooting Mr. Stevenson to make him jump will not subtract from the player's ammunition. Shooting obstacles, or an empty area, however, will subtract one bullet from the total. Grabbing red balloons will add bullets to Mr. Stevenson's arsenal.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game Gumshoe
UPC 473109756213
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, NES Zapper/Light Gun
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1986
Game Special Features
  • Quickly shoot down targets to save Mr. Stevenson from harm
  • Retrieve five "black panther" diamonds from four locales
  • Hit bonus targets to replenish bullets or add extra lives
  • Game Series Light Gun Series
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