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Heroes of Might and Magic (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000)

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Heroes of Might and Magic takes you back to a time that never existed. Yes, it takes you back to the days of yore where wizards, knights and fantastical creatures like minotaurs battled for control of the world. Your goal is to overthrow three competing warlords and rule the realm with a just and fair hand.

You accomplish your goals by doing many things. It's up to you to guide your hero about the land exploring. During your travels, you'll uncover new areas, new towns to draw strength from, new recruits and ultimately reveal secrets of the land, like clues to the location of artifacts which bestow great power to the wielder.

Heroes of Might and Magic is a strategy game. Players will work to build resources, and they'll defend their castles and towns from the other warlords. Users will have to plan ahead and play carefully if they hope to balance their aggression and their defensive capabilities to advance against their opposition.

Players will be able to recruit over 27 different creatures in battle. With multiple adventure maps to explore, various spells to conjure and fully animated combat screens, players will finally be able to experience the Might and Magic world in the palms of their hands.
Product Information
Publisher The 3DO Company
Game Heroes of Might and Magic
UPC 790561505921
Platform Nintendo Game Boy Color
Genre Strategy Game
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
ESRB Descriptor Animated Violence
Release Year 2000
Game Special Features
  • Challenge three dangerous warlords
  • Raise and train over 27 different creatures and lead them into battle
  • Play as a barbarian, sorceress, knight or warlock
  • Game Series Heroes of Might and Magic Series
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