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Hook (Nintendo SNES, 1992)

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Based on the movie, Hook, a "what-if" continuation of the classic children’s story, Peter Pan is a much older Pan who is now the father of Jack and Maggie. Pan must return to Neverland to rescue them from their kidnapper, Captain Hook. Made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console, this video game provides hours of gaming fun. The Japan-based developer Ukiyotei and publisher Sony Imagesoft have made it possible to play this action/adventure 16-bit software video game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. The Entertainment Software Rating Board does not have a rating listed for the SNES game, Hook. The gaming content and Pan’s actions are accessed and controlled by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller, which plugs directly into the gaming console manufactured by Japan’s Nintendo Corporation. The compact size of the gaming cartridge made specifically for the SNES console makes it possible for this SNES version of Hook to travel with anyone who enjoys video games and wants to continue the adventure when visiting friends and family who also have Super Nintendo Entertainment System consoles. When the SNES game, Hook, begins, Peter Banning discovers the news about Jack and Maggie being captured. There is a series of 12 levels that must be beat in sequential order before the final fight with Captain Hook, which leads to Pan’s children being released. During each level, a timer counts down the allowable five minutes. The game screen also displays statuses to help manage gameplay. Pan’s power is indicated by the number of leaves, beginning with two leaves. A blue bar tracks how much flying time remains. When Pan runs out of flying time, he must stand beneath Tinker Bell so she can drop magic pixie dust on him to give him the ability to continue to fly. As points are earned, they are displayed in the upper left of the screen. The number of lives remaining are conveniently located next to the five-minute timer as a reminder for the player. The first level finds Pan challenged by his old friends, the Lost Boys. Because Pan is all grown up, they do not believe him to be the true Pan. Peter Pan must prove himself and win back his golden sword, which shoots a ball of stars that is no match for Captain Hook’s followers. The Neverland Map depicts all the locations Pan visits as he moves through the multiple levels of the game. The Nevertree is where Pan reunited with the Lost Boys in Level 1. Pan will continue on to face Captain Hook’s Pirates in the Neverland Forest, find his way out of the mazes of the Neverland Rocky Mountains, try to avoid being turned to stone by magic tigers at the Neverland Waterfall and Lagoon, escape the Neverland Underground where the giant earthworm and night snake call those caves home, keep from being frozen by more magic tigers in the Neverland Ice and Snow Region while avoiding more pirates and a winter hawk that attacks with lightning strikes, fly over the forest of Neverland, and fight his way through Pirate Town and a pirate ship. Once Pan has survived to this point in the game, he comes face to face with Captain Hook for a final showdown. Now that Jack and Maggie have been released, the Banning family is free to return home with a uniquely original family adventure memory not experienced before.
Product Information
Publisher Sony Imagesoft Inc.
Game Hook
UPC 090451304048
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1992
Game Special Features
  • Guide Peter Pan across ten side-scrolling levels
  • Use a sword to defeat tigers, skeletons, snakes, spiders, and various pirates
  • Collect pixie dust to fly through the sky
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