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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (Sony PlayStation Portable, 2005)

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Open Tee brings the Hot Shots Golf series to the PSP with Wi-Fi multi-player capability. This game like the rest of the series has realistic golf courses with your characters being more of the animated type than real life counterparts.

There are several modes available in single play mode that allow you to win items for your character to wear, accessory parts to improve your golf game, new golf clubs and golf balls and new playable characters. Single play modes include stroke play in which you can play a free round of golf alone, three different challenge modes (stroke – play against nineteen computer characters in a tournament, match – a one on one match against a computer character with the first player to go ahead by three holes winning automatically unlocking items for your character and VS – play against a computer character like in match play and instead of getting items you unlock the character you are playing against to be a playable character). There is also a training mode available to practice a single hole or course with the ability to set the conditions you wish to practice under like wind direction, weather etc. Playing in single player mode you also will have the ability to increase your rank by winning tournaments. When you rank up you will unlock new courses and caddies.

Multi-player mode allows up to 8 people to link up and play match play – one on one play from 3 to 18 holes, tournament – a stroke style game with up to 8 players on 9 to 18 holes and Putting Challenge – one on one game where you compete for Putt Points using only a putter on a green with several holes and the object being to sink your ball in a single putt, the farther the hole the more Putt Points you get. Putting Challenge is also available in single player mode. Special rule can be applied in multi-player mode such as 2 points added to sand traps, no backspin, XL Cup (a giant cup is used), Crazy Gauge (the cursor on the power gauge for hitting the ball jumps around) etc. You can taunt your opponent when its there turn by pressing on the direction buttons or any of the other buttons. The taunts differ from character to character.

Selecting Data from the main menu will display your records from single player golf, history (your achievements so far – medals, etc.) and videos of shots to be saved for further viewing. Selecting Options in the main menu allows further tweaking of the game such as camera angles, easy mode and playing of movies you have saved.
Product Information
Publisher Sony
Game Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
UPC 711719861423
Platform Sony PlayStation Portable
Genre Sports, Golf
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 8 (Ad Hoc 2 - 8)
ESRB Rating E10+ - Everyone 10+
ESRB Descriptor Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes
Release Year 2005
Game Special Features
  • Hit the links as one of ten customizable golfers
  • Six new challenging courses and three modes of play including "Single-" and "Multiplayer," and "Training"
  • Unlock items and new golfers in "Challenge" mode Up to eight players
  • Game Series Hot Shots Golf Series
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