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Klax (Nintendo NES, 1990)

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In Klax you must line up descending colored tiles in rows, columns, or diagonals, effectively scoring a Klax, which removes the corresponding tiles from the screen. The tiles come toward the paddle you control via a conveyor belt made up of five vertical rows. When you catch a tile you can hold onto it, push it back up onto the conveyor belt, or go ahead and push it into position in a bin that is beneath your paddle. Your paddle can hold up to five tiles at a time.

In each level of the game you are given a specific task. For example, some levels ask you to catch a certain number of tiles before you can move on to the next stage while others ask you to get a certain number of diagonal Klaxes. Elaborate patterns, such as Xs, can boost your score, but they can be a little tricky to create.

If you let a tile get past you without catching it first, it counts against your drop meter. Let too many tiles get past you and the game is over.

In addition to the standard puzzle action, the Klax package also includes a little Pong-type game called Blob Ball in which you try to protect a bouncing blob from a wall of spikes.

Based on the Atari Games quarter-muncher of the same name, Klax will remind gamers of Tetris, Columns, and Dr. Mario.
Product Information
Publisher Tengen
Game Klax
UPC 031763040125
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Puzzle
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1990
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