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Lethal Weapon (Nintendo SNES, 1992)

  • $1100

Loosely based on the buddy cop film Lethal Weapon 3 starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon for the Super Nintendo is a one-player action game wherein you assume the role of either Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh. Riggs is an impulsive, high-strung Vietnam vet, and Murtaugh is a stable career cop and family man. Whichever character you control, your attack maneuvers consist of kicking and shooting a gun. You must use your gun sparingly, though, as there are a limited number of bullets.

Lethal Weapon is composed of four regular missions and a final case involving a man who is killing police officers. The missions take place aboard a ship, on a subway, in a shopping mall, and within an office complex. Each mission must be carried out within a specified time limit. The game is over when the time runs out, when both Riggs and Murtaugh get killed, or when you have completed all the missions.
Product Information
Publisher Ocean of America, Inc.
Game Lethal Weapon
UPC 020295030070
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1992
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