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Madden 93, John (Nintendo SNES, 1992)

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John Madden Football '93 is exhilarating and challenging, and it is a nice choice for sportsmen. This football game is a super solution for providing an antidote to boredom and keeping you preoccupied for hours. Providing increased fun and enhanced gaming, John Madden Football '93 gives you what you need. Families and game addicts can't help appreciating the graphics, excitement, and style of this video game. You can watch how the color palette, imagery, and text intermingle to give you a marvelous gaming experience since this video game displays rich and colorful visuals. This football game is a great accessory to your video game system, which allows you to replay it over and over again as a welcome addition to your game library. What's more, John Madden Football '93 is designed for gamepad-based game controls allowing you to fend off the competition for hours without getting tired. With the sporting and physical gameplay featured on this video game, you can develop your skills and compete all-out to get to the top.

Before every down, the player selects a personnel grouping, formation, play and, on defense, coverage shell from a menu. The game contains fifty-five offensive plays and seventy-one defensive plays, such as screen and play-action passes, blitzes and man-to-man defense. During a down, the player may control one team member at a time or allow the entire team to execute a play automatically. On offense, depending on the play, the player controls the quarterback, running back or kicker. After a pass, control automatically changes to the ball receiver. On defense, the player may at any time switch control between any members of the team. Instant replay is available to review plays.

New features in John Madden Football '93 include no-huddle offense, overturning certain calls made by referees, taunting, stumbling, head-butting and one-handed catches. As with its predecessors, the game features updated statistics for the twenty-eight NFL teams in the game, based on their performance in the previous season. In addition to these teams, eight famous team line-ups, such as the Oakland Raiders of 1976 and the Dallas Cowboys of 1977, are available. An "All-Madden Greats" team is compiled from the best players in the history of the sport and an "All-Madden" team is compiled of recent standout players. No official player or team names, colors, or stadium names are used.

A writer for GamePro noted that John Madden Football '93 was "at first glance" largely identical to its predecessor; but he believed that, "once you get down to serious business, you'll notice a wealth of All-Star enhancements". He wrote that the "game play is now faster and smoother", and that "the graphics are sharper, more detailed, and even better animated". He believed that "Electronic Arts has [...] made the best even better", and he concluded, "John Madden Football '93 is even more fun to play than Madden '92".
Product Information
Publisher Electronic Arts
Game John Madden Football '93
UPC 014633071672
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1992
Game Special Features
  • Tougher computer opponents
  • Expanded team stats
  • Extensive player stats
  • Split play calling screen
  • Overturn close calls
  • Shift defensive players
  • No huddle offense
  • QB stop clock play
  • Player taunting
  • Game Series Madden NFL Football Series
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