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Madden Football 93, John (Sega Genesis, 1993)

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John Madden Football '93 is an adaptation of American football that takes place from an isometric perspective in a two-dimensional environment. The player begins each match by selecting such variables as the game mode, weather conditions and team. Game modes include 16-team tournaments and sudden death, among other things. In addition to the game's single-player mode, two-player competitive and cooperative modes are available. Unlike prior games in the series, a coin toss at the beginning of every match determines which team will defend each goal, and which team will kick off.

Between every down, the player selects a formation, play and, on defense, coverage shell from a menu. The game contains fifty-five offensive plays and seventy-one defensive plays, such as screen and play-action passes, blitzes and man-to-man defense. During a down, the player may control one team member at a time or allow the entire team to execute a play automatically. On offense, depending on the play, the player controls the quarterback, running back or kicker. After a pass, control automatically changes to the ball receiver. On defense, the player may at any time switch control between any members of the team. Instant replay is available to review plays.

New features in John Madden Football '93 include no-huddle offense, overturning certain calls made by referees, taunting, stumbling, head-butting and one-handed catches. As with its predecessors, the game features updated statistics for the twenty-eight NFL teams in the game, based on their performance in the previous season. In addition to these teams, eight famous team line-ups, such as the Oakland Raiders of 1976 and the Dallas Cowboys of 1977, are available. Two "All-Madden Greats" teams are compiled from the best players in the history of the sport. No official player or team names, colors, or stadium names are used.

John Madden Football '93 was a commercial success, with over one million copies sold. It has been cited as the highest-selling game developed by Looking Glass Studios, and Neurath later called it "one of the most successful games I've ever worked on". Paul Mellerick of Mega commented that "the only noticeable difference between [John Madden Football '93] and its two predecessors is the animation". He wrote that this new animation "makes the game incredibly good to look at" and that new motions like stumbling increase the game's difficulty. Although he believed that the "two-player mode is just as exciting as ever", he was disappointed by the lack of a full-season mode, which he called "unforgivable" in light of this feature's appearance in Sega's NFL Sports Talk Football '93. He concluded that John Madden Football '93 was "the best game the Mega Drive has to offer", but he wrote, "If you own John Madden Football '92, or even the original John Madden American Football for that matter, then you should ignore this game completely".
Product Information
Publisher EA Sports
Game John Madden Football '93
UPC 014633071542
Platform Sega Genesis
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1993
Game Series Madden NFL Series
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