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Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (Microsoft Xbox, 2005)

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Marvel Comics and EA Games join forces in this super-group adventure. The game stars pillars of the Marvel pantheon such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man, as well as a new group of characters called the "Imperfects," created in collaboration with EA. Set in and around New York City, the game is heavy on combat, as players use various superpowers to duke it out in destructible, urban environments where enemies can be thrown through walls and nearly any object can be wielded as a weapon by the right hands. Head-to-head multiplayer battles are supported, and the game's single-player storyline was developed by a veteran creative team from Marvel.

When New York City is attacked by aliens, the greatest heroes (and villains) in the Marvel Universe confront them. Marvel Nemesis has two playing modes, a single-player story mode, where players brawl their way through a Mark Millar scripted tale, and a single- or two-player versus mode pitting heroes and villains against each other in a sandbox arena.

The game pitches a series of Marvel heroes and villains, including Venom, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spider-Man against a series of original EA-created/owned characters. Combat is simplified in favor of allowing the player greater movement, and the game initially drew comparisons to Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. and Ehrgeiz as a result. The game featured Fatality-like finishing moves that could be triggered as soon as an opponent's health falls to 25% or lower.

The video game is based on the Marvel comic book series with the same name, a 6-issue miniseries published from June to December 2005. The miniseries does not depict the events in the game or vice versa, and has a completely different story than the video game. There are even points in the video game story and the comic books that directly contradict each other. The comic does, however, star the same characters as the video game and introduces the EA characters with, aside from one or two minor details, the same background stories and powers. The EA characters are said to be part of the regular Marvel continuity but due to the games' poor response and the fact that they're owned by Electronic Arts, they have only appeared in the above-mentioned miniseries and may never be heard of in the Marvel Universe again.
Product Information
Publisher Electronic Arts
Game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
UPC 014633149555
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Genre Fighting
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating T - Teen
ESRB Descriptor Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Release Year 2005
Game Special Features
  • Battle a new group of villains, the Imperfects, as one of Marvel's classic comic book characters
  • Play as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Magneto, The Thing, Storm, and more
  • Earn cards, comic books, and extra characters by completing missions
  • Character designs from illustrator Jae Lee and movie artist Paul Catling
  • Test your fighting skills online against real-life opponents
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