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Medievil 2 (Sony PlayStation, 2000)

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MediEvil II finds skeleton knight Sir Dan Fortesque returning to the realm of the living to stop an evil sorcerer from raising an undead army. The action takes place from a third-person perspective set behind Sir Dan's bony back, as you leap across platforms, battle bosses, and hack at an assortment of creatures lurking within a Gothic version of Victorian London. Dan can also use his body parts in various ways to solve puzzles or complete objectives. You can control Sir Dan's head independently of his body, his body independently of his head, and participate in boxing matches that will send his limbs flying across the screen. Joining Dan in his quest are an Egyptian princess, a mild-mannered ghost, and a mad professor, who each offer varying levels of support. Locate the mysterious chalice of souls on each level to unlock a variety of new weapons, from an axe and pistol to a crossbow and Gatling gun.

The game begins 500 years after Sir Daniel Fortesque's battle against the evil sorcerer Zarok in events from the previous game. In Kensington, in the year 1886, a sorcerer named Lord Palethorn discovers Zarok's spellbook and casts its spell of raising the dead over the city of London. However, the pages of the book soon scatter across London and Palethorn gains a demon-like appearance as a result. The spell Palethorn casts once again brings Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was resting at a nearby museum, back to life. He is recruited by a professor named Hamilton Kift and his ghostly sidekick Winston Chapelmount (a play on Winston Churchill) to recover the pages of Zarok's spellbook and put a stop to Palethorn's plans. Along the way, they end up being joined by an ancient mummy princess named Kiya, Dan's future love interest.

Following the positive reception of the first game, Sony Computer Entertainment commissioned SCE Cambridge Studio to make a sequel to MediEvil before the end of the PlayStation's lifespan. The original concepts for MediEvil 2 went through many transformations during development before the Cambridge team finally settled on making a sequel set during the Victorian Gothic revival, largely reminiscent of its predecessor. The game received mostly positive reviews from critics upon release, with praise including slight improvements over its predecessor, such as artificial intelligence and graphical enhancements, but was criticised for lack of innovation from the original.

MediEvil 2 received mostly positive reviews from critics upon release. The game was mostly praised for its rich detailed graphics but was criticised by many reviewers for its bad camera angles, easy difficulty, and similarity to the first game. The game received an aggregate score of 79% from GameRankings, slightly lower than its predecessor. At the 2000 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards, MediEvil 2 won the best console game category.
Product Information
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Game MediEvil II
UPC 711719456421
Platform Sony PlayStation
Genre Action/Adventure, 3D Platformer, Hack & Slash
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating T - Teen
ESRB Descriptor Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Release Year 2000
Game Special Features
  • Navigate Sir Daniel Fortesque through a dark version of Victorian London called Palethorn
  • Play as DanHand, Headless Dan, or Dan-kenstein and interact with merchants, mad professors, and love interests
  • Slay enemies using weapons that include Gatlin guns, bombs, pistols, and torches
  • Game Series MediEvil Series
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