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Mega Man Keychain Series - Keychains (KidRobot)

  • $899

Kidrobot and Capcom team up to bring the video game phenom MegaMan to vinyl by ‘botifying the highly evolved Robot Masters and the brilliant doctors that created them.

With over 130 games on multiple consoles and 30 MILLION copies sold worldwide, Capcom's Mega Man is arguably one of the greatest video game franchises ever.

Created by Dr. Light to help in the lab, Rock is forced into battle as Mega Man when Dr. Wily reprograms the six industrial Robot Masters for acts of mayhem and destruction. Dutifully defeating boss after boss like Cut Man, Fire Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Elec Man or Bomb Man in inhospitable environs with his Mega Buster cannon-arm, Mega Man is sometimes aided in his housekeeperbot sister, Roll.

Kidrobot's mystery boxed Mega Man mini keychains feature all the heroes and subverted robots from the title that started it all. "Plasma power!"
Product Information
Included with Purchase
  • 1 Mega Man Mini Mystery Vinyl Figure Keychain (Random)
  • WARNING: Our original retro games & systems may have scratches, torn labels and other defects due to their age and condition as a used product. All original licenced games & hardward however has been painstakingly cleaned, repaired and tested so as to ensure it is in top working condition. The goal is to try for a 100% restoration, however please keep in mind that while we are usally pretty good at this, these items are old and as such this is not always completely achievable.

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