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Monopoly (Nintendo NES, 1991)

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Bring you favorite board game to the big screen with Monopoly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. As you travel around the Monopoly board, decide what properties you want to invest in. When the other players land on your properties, they have to pay you rent. Other game play possibilities include going to jail, having to pay a tax, or landing on the chance or community property spots. Both chance and community property squares have the ability to decrease or increase your wealth. When a player is unable to pay his or her obligations, he or she must exit the game. Hook up your old Nintendo Entertainment System, grab a friend, and embark on a battle of economic dominance.

Earl Green of AllGame deemed it "one of the better translations" of the Monopoly board game, due to it "captur[ing] the visual essence" of its source material. Just Games Retro argued that the game solved various problems of the board game, including it being too long, too fiddly, requiring a certain number of human players, and requiring the entire game to be finished in one sitting, noting that the gameplay is streamlined due to the digitisation of many aspects like banking. Pocket Magazine deemed it faithful to the original, while praising its gameplay, graphics, and sound, though noted the shortness of rounds. GameCola liked the game, though wished it had slightly better AI that could accommodate more players, and allowed for more customisation of gameplay. IGN wrote it was a good game for solitaire play, but not for multi-human play.
Product Information
Publisher Parker Brothers
Game Monopoly
UPC 073000040284
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Board Game
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 8
Release Year 1991
Game Special Features
  • Up to eight players can join in on the classic board game action
  • Adjust the amount of money and property players can acquire
  • Choose from nine different game pieces
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