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NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup (Nintendo Gamecube, 2004)

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EA Sports drives its NASCAR license up to speed with the 2004 launch of this new title. Though created under the direction of the company's acclaimed Tiburon studios, which also steered the design of games in EA's earlier NASCAR Thunder series, Chase for the Cup represents a distinct turn toward customization and realistic NASCAR rivalry. Other new features include RPG-style character development and the chance to race in four additional NASCAR series: Busch, Craftsman Truck, Featherlite Modified, and Nextel Cup.

The game's "Fight to the Top" mode is designed to let players live the life of an up-and-coming NASCAR driver or owner. By mastering basic driving skills, competing in a variety of racing events, and building fan support, custom-created characters earn a place on the NASCAR circuit. The game's "Chase for the Cup" feature comprises ten separate races, and is billed as the first video game representation of the new NASCAR point system. It can be played on its own, or as part of the main "Fight to the Top" campaign.

Role-playing elements are more prominent in Chase for the Cup than in past NASCAR games from the publisher. Drivers will develop rivalries that influence behavior, and the game's "Intimidator Button" lets the player's character try to bully other drivers into making mistakes. More intense grudges may carry over, even when the race is done, but characters can settle scores away from the arenas, with back-street races in muscle cars like the Dodge Viper and Ford GT. To settle any real-life racing rivalries, up to four gamers can compete in the game's multiplayer modes.

Unlike previous entries, which would normally add a few extra features but leave most of the game identical to its predecessor, the game brought massive change to the series. One example is the inclusion of NASCAR series other than the Nextel Cup Series; the National Series (Busch Series), the Craftsman Truck Series, and the Featherlite Modified Series, plus production cars and the Daytona Prototypes of the Rolex Sports Car Series. More examples include the implementation of NASCAR's new Chase for the Cup points system, and Fight to the Top mode, where the player controls a custom driver throughout his career starting in the lower series and working up the ladder (similar to NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona). Another change is the absence of the cockpit view and the absence of makes and models in the Truck series, all of which appear to be Ford F-150s. Also due to failed negotiations Pocono Raceway is not included. This was the last NASCAR game released for the Nintendo GameCube. The score is composed by David Robidoux.
Product Information
Publisher EA Sports
Game NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
UPC 014633148046
Platform Nintendo Gamecube
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 2004
Game Special Features
  • Pay your dues and develop your driver in the all new "Fight to the Top" mode
  • Become a hero or villain on the track and earn fans and prestige
  • Earn NASCAR skill points in the all-new "Race for the Cup" mode
  • Game Series NASCAR Series
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