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NASCAR 99 (Nintendo N64, 1998)

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The first NASCAR game for N64 features 37 professional drivers and cars, 17 licensed tracks, and a two-man commentary team of Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons. Three play options include a quick race with default settings, a single race with user-defined settings, and the championship mode, which involves earning points for top-10 finishes in multiple 18-race NASCAR seasons. Before each event, players can fine-tune their car's tire pressure, gears, shocks, and various other settings. Featured courses include Sears Point, Watkins Glen, Darlington, and both day and night versions of Bristol, with single players competing against a field of 19 computer-controlled rivals. Split-screen racing with a friend is also supported, albeit with a reduced field of six AI drivers to improve the game's frame rate.

NASCAR 99 is a racing simulator video game developed and published by EA Sports and co-developed by Stormfront Studios. It was released for Nintendo 64 on September 11, 1998. NASCAR 99 was the second game in the EA Sports NASCAR series of video games.

NASCAR 99 is the second game relating in EA Sports NASCAR series of video games. The game features thirty-one of the drivers from the 1998 Winston Cup Series season and six legendary drivers. The game also includes seventeen different NASCAR race tracks, including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Sears Point, and Michigan International Speedway. Furthermore, the game includes instructions from a crew chief, such as when to make a pit stop or when cars are around the player.

NASCAR 99 received mixed reviews upon its release. The game was praised for its authenticity, although critics felt that the graphics and sound effects were not improved from the previous game, NASCAR 98. Also, critics stated that the player would become "tired" of the game if they were a "racing-game fan."
Product Information
Publisher EA Sports
Game NASCAR 99
UPC 014633078657
Platform Nintendo 64
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1998
Game Special Features
  • Play as or against pro drivers Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Mark Martin, and more
  • Compete on 17 authentic tracks in three game modes
  • Includes licensed music from artists Joe Satriani and Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Pre-race car setups, practice and qualifying
  • Game Series EA Sports NASCAR Series
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