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NBA Jam 2000 (Nintendo N64, 1999)

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NBA Jam 2000 is the 1999 release in the popular NBA Jam series from Acclaim Sports. This version features both a five-on-five Sim Mode and a two-on-two Jam Mode. In either mode, gamers control over 300 real NBA players from 29 authentic teams (with ratings and statistics based on the 1998-99 season), or custom players that they can create and save to a Controller Pak.

In both Jam and Sim Modes, gamers must choose from three different types of play: Simulation, a game with realistic NBA-style rules; Arcade, a game with very few rules; and Custom, a game where the user sets the rules. No matter which mode is chosen, players can set quarter lengths between one and twelve minutes, their skill levels, the tenacity of referees, the speed of the game, rosters, and other play options.

Jam Mode is a two-on-two basketball simulation featuring high-flying dunks, hard-nosed defense and very few rules. Players who hit three shots in a row "catch fire" and will continue to hit shots until either the opposing team scores or the hot player scores an additional three uninterrupted baskets.

In Jam Mode, gamers can choose Jam Play, which is essentially an exhibition game that lets you choose which two teams will play and which players to control. Players can also choose Tournament Play within the Jam Mode, which involves players trying to beat every NBA team. If gamers use custom players in Tournament Play and win, they'll receive attribute points used to improve their custom players. Winning the Jam Tournament unlocks hidden courts and players.

Sim Mode is a traditional five-on-five basketball matchup. Players can either play meaningless exhibition games or they can choose to mount a full-season campaign to capture the NBA crown. If players decide on the Season Mode, they'll be able to choose one team and attempt to take them to the top. Players set the number of games in a season, the playoff format, trade deadlines, and whether to include a mid-season All-Star Game. Gamers do not have to play each game on the schedule; they can simulate any or all of their games. They can also choose to jump directly to the playoffs.

In Season Mode, gamers act as their team's General Manager, meaning they can sign, trade and cut players in order to create the perfect team. As mentioned before, users can also create custom players and add them to their team's roster. Custom players gain attribute points as the season progresses and can eventually become NBA superstars.

If players choose the Franchise option in Season Mode, they can lead a team to several championships over several seasons. Franchise Mode involves a great deal more than simply playing basketball. As the General Manager, it's the gamer's job to draft rookies, sign free agents and bring in the fans. If a team fails to win, they can even fire coaches.

Finally, for gamers who want to bone up on their technical skills, NBA Jam 2000 features both a Three-Point contest and a Free Throw simulation. NBA Jam 2000 also offers four-player support, Rumble Pak support for vibration feedback and Expansion Pak support for high-resolution graphics. The game requires two Controller Paks to save both Jam Mode and Sim Mode games.
Product Information
Publisher Acclaim Sports
Game NBA Jam 2000
UPC 021481641940
Platform Nintendo 64
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 4
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 1999
Game Special Features
  • Includes 29 NBA teams and more than 300 professional players
  • Features play-by-play commentary from broadcaster Kevin Harlan
  • Play either a five-on-five simulation or a two-on-two arcade-style match
  • Game Series NBA Jam Series
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