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NBA Street Vol. 2 (Microsoft Xbox, 2003)

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NBA Street hits the concrete for an encore presentation of 2001's acclaimed arcade-style basketball game. New features include the addition of legendary greats, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Bill Walton, Jerry West, and Wilt Chamberlain, to go along with the lineup of urban playmakers and modern NBA stars. Over 150 players are available in total, each offering signature-style moves and individual ratings in various attributes. The action is as decidedly over-the-top as the original, with high-flying dunks and trick moves like the "Pass Out" or "Off the Heezay" performed by launching into the air like a rocket and/or passing the ball off the backboard or even off an opponent's head.

Returning elements from 2001's game include Trick Points, Gamebreakers (which now offer a second level of power), and street-savvy commentary from fictional character Joe "The Show" Jackson. Outdoor courts include real-life urban venues from around the United States, such as New York's Soul in the Hole and Oakland's Mosswood, while animated onlookers witness the antics from nearby benches or along chainlink fences. NBA Street Vol. 2 also supports four players instead of the original's two, and includes a Create-a-Baller mode so players can create their own athlete and have him develop new moves over time. As with many other EA SPORTS BIG titles, NBA Street Vol. 2 features a licensed soundtrack that includes an assortment of professional recording artists.

The game received positive reviews upon release. GameRankings and Metacritic gave it a score of 89% and 89 out of 100 for the Xbox version.

BBC Sport gave the game a score of 93% and said, "The atmosphere of NBA Street is enhanced by an excellent soundtrack including hip-hop tracks from the likes of Nelly and Nate Dogg, plus various sound effects from the street - traffic, sirens, crowd abuse, etc." Maxim gave it a score of eight out of ten and said, "even if you aren't a hoops fan, there's plenty of unintentional humor to appreciate: Seeing Yao Ming dunk on Bill Walton alone is worth the price of admission."
Product Information
Publisher Electronic Arts
Game NBA Street Vol. 2
UPC 014633146202
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 4
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 2003
Game Special Features
  • Play with and against such legends as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Bill Walton, and Jerry West
  • Select your team from a choice of over 150 players who all feature their own signature moves
  • Perform crowd-pleasing tricks including "Pass Out" or "Off the Heezay"
  • Game Series NBA Street Series
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