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NCAA Basketball (Nintendo SNES, 1992)

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Eschewing the more common side-view perspective, NCAA Basketball takes advantage of the Super NES hardware's Mode 7 graphical capabilities by showcasing rotating camera angles and an over-the-shoulder perspective. It was the first basketball game for a console to utilize a 3D perspective. While there may be no sideline or crowd, the game looks and plays like a winner. Jump shots, lay-ups, and three-pointers are a big part of the game, but players can also execute a variety of sensational slam dunks, such as the reverse slam, the turn-around stuff, and the hang-time dunk. Accessing a coach's screen enables players to call timeouts, view game and season stats, substitute players, and select plays (seven offensive and seven defensive). The sound effects and music are sparse, but the simple controls, slick graphics, and arcade-style action will keep armchair athletes more than satisfied.

In the game, the player chooses a basketball team and then plays against either a computer or human player on a court. The goal is to score the most baskets within the given time through dribbling and passing. Players also have the ability to save the game as well as change options and difficulty settings.

The game allows the player to play either an exhibition game or a full season.

The North American version of the game contains college teams from five major NCAA Division I-A conferences (but with fictional players), while the European game features fictional professional teams located throughout the world, and the Japanese release has its own fictionalized likenesses of NBA teams.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game NCAA Basketball
UPC 045496830175
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1992
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