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NES Play Action Football (Nintendo NES, 1990)

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Football is a violent and dangerous sport, where players get injured constantly and the average career lasts only a few years. Now, thanks to NES Play Action Football, you can get all the intensity and violence of the NFL without the risk of injury. While the game isn't licensed by the NFL, it does have an NFLPA license, which means you'll get all your favorite players from the early '90s: Montana, Elway, Marino, Payton, and Lott, to name a few. You have a wide variety of plays to choose from on both offense and defense, so try to keep the opposition guessing by mixing it up a little bit. Played from a unique diagonal, top-down perspective, you won't miss a second of the action on the field. Strap your shoulder pads on and get ready for some intense action with NES Play Action Football.

NES Play Action Football allows players to choose from eight teams from various cities. For licensing reasons, the original game features only the city rather than the actual name of each NFL team and only the surnames and numbers (although a comprehensive set down to various position-specific levels on each depth chart) of actual players that were currently playing for the corresponding NFL team during the 1989 NFL season: Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Washington, Miami, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

The game used an isometric view, presenting the game at an angle to make it appear 3-D, and the game allowed a very large number of moving objects (all the players) to be on screen at the same time.

Another feature was the use of primitive digitized voices for such actions as "Touchdown!" or "First down!" and "Ready! Set! Hut, hut.." before the play begins. At the end of each game, Nintendo Power mascot character Nester appears as a commentator, announcing who wins and who loses.

The game was one of only several games that supported the NES Satellite and NES Four Score four controller adapters. To allow team mates to select plays without showing the competitors, it included a NES Play Action Football 4 player play card. The team mates could point to the plays they were going to pick on the card, and then enter the combination on-screen without the opposition knowing.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game NES Play Action Football
UPC 45496630522
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 4
Release Year 1990
Game Special Features
  • Supports NES Four Score or NES Satellite to add up to 4-players total!
  • Choose from eight teams from various cities
  • Digital voices
  • Game Series Play Action Football Series
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