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NFL Quarterback Club (Sega 32X, 1995)

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NFL Quarterback Club is an American football video game for multiple platforms that features quarterbacks from the NFL. It is the first game in Acclaim Entertainment's NFL Quarterback Club series.

The main appeal about the game is that it offers three different types of modes to play in, making it more like three games in one. Up to four different players can play at the same time.

The game takes its name from the "QB Challenge". Players can choose from more than 12 of the NFL's premier quarterbacks to take part in a competition. There are four events in the competition. These are Accuracy, The Obstacle Course, Distance and Read And Recognition. Accuracy involves throwing the ball toward targets. The Obstacle Course is a track where the quarterback must jump over hurdles and go around defenders. Distance competition involves throwing the ball as far as possible, while Read And Recognition is the same as Accuracy but only certain targets hold point values. The QB with the highest number of points at the end of all four events is the winner. Each event can also be played individually if a player chooses to do so. Custom quarterbacks can be created to take part in the challenge. As the quarterback improves, his skill level increases.

The second mode is "Play NFL" and features playing a regular football game. Options include preseason, regular season play and direct playoff entry. All NFL teams are available. The player can import custom quarterbacks into a team. He also has the option of substituting quarterbacks from different teams into his.

The third mode is "Simulation". There are 30 scenarios from previous games that a player must complete. Some scenarios have as little as ten seconds left in the game, while others begin with more than 15 minutes of playing time left.

On release, Famicom Tsūshin scored the 32X version a 29 out of 40.

Reviewing the 32X version, GamePro praised the new camera views but criticized the removed of the Quarterback Challenge skills contest and concluded that players who owned the Genesis or SNES versions had no need to get the game again. They also criticized the gameplay balance, commenting that "you can ferret out a handful of plays that make any club invincible. If you like scoring 90-plus points on the Cowboys or the Niners all the time, you'll love this cart!"
Product Information
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Game NFL Quarterback Club
UPC 021481810377
Platform Sega 32X
Genre Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 - 5
ESRB Rating K-A - Kids to Adults
Release Year 1995
Game Series NFL Quarterback Club Series
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