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Power Blade (Nintendo NES, 1991)

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With Power Blade, the fate of the futuristic and Utopian New Earth rests in your hands. Save earth from plunging into violence and war by defeating all alien invaders. Help NOVA reclaim the Master Computer's brain and destroy it in an epic and adventurous journey to the computer's command center through intriguing levels. Fight your way through mechanized foes and powerful guards while collecting items necessary for advancement through the levels. A metal suit allows you to shoot energy blasts through most surfaces and in all directions. Keep the life meter full by collecting hamburgers to restore NOVA's health. The two-dimensional platform game features two engaging difficulty levels.

In Power Blade, players can go through the six sectors in any order via a stage select screen. The objective in each sector is to find the agent who can give players access into that sector's database and then enter the database's security room, where players must defeat a security guard (boss) in order to gain access to the database itself and retrieve the tape. Once all six tapes have been gathered, the player gains access to the Master Computer's control center, where the player must destroy the alien overlord and restore the Master Computer back to its original state. One aspect of Power Blade that sets it apart from Power Blazer and Power Blade 2 is that if the player falls off the screen they will die. In the other two games the player simply falls back to the previous area.

Power Blade first received coverage in the Western markets when it was first displayed at the Summer 1990 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. There, the game was called Power Mission and featured different character sprites than the finished version; Nintendo Power magazine called the game "mega action in the tradition of Mega Man II." It was the featured article and was on the cover in the April 1991 issue of Nintendo Power. It was also covered in the NES section of the November 1991 issue of the UK gaming magazine Mean Machines, where it received an 88% rating.
Product Information
Publisher Taito America Corp.
Game Power Blade
UPC 020588010314
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Action/Adventure, Platformer, Shooter
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1991
Game Series Power Blade Series
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