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Pro Wrestling (Nintendo NES, 1987)

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It's a reverse bulldog, a double noggin-knocker, a leap off the top turnbuckle. It's pure pandemonium! Welcome to the world of Nintendo "Pro Wrestling." Take on six of the meanest, baddest, most rotten guys ever found in NES games — superstars with names like The Amazon, Giant Panther, and Kin Corn Karn. You'll begin the match by choosing a wrestler and an opponent, either the computer or a friend. With a flick of the wrist, you can perform drop kicks, body-slams, headlocks, and dozens of other bone-crunching moves designed to annihilate your opponent. However, be warned! Each wrestler has his own arsenal of backbreaking moves. You'll have to think fast and move even faster to pin your opponent, hold him for a three-count, and become the Nintendo games wrestling champion.

The game was one of the first wrestling games to feature an in-ring referee. The referee in the game is fairly accurate. For example, whenever a pinfall is attempted, the referee must run to where the two wrestlers are, lay on his stomach, and begin the three count. In effect, if the referee is on the other side of the ring when an opponent initiates a pin, the player will have additional time to try and escape. The game was also the first wrestling title to feature a cameraman at ringside (though he does not interact with the wrestlers).

Single player mode consists of two parts. First, the player fights in matches against increasingly difficult CPU opponents. After winning five matches, the player fights King Slender, the Video Wrestling Association (VWA) Champion. If the player has selected King Slender for play, then he will face Giant Panther for the VWA Championship, though some versions of the game have a bug requiring King Slender to win more than the usual five matches before being granted the title shot.

After winning the VWA Title, the second stage of gameplay begins. As the VWA Champion, the player has to defend the title. Making ten successful title defenses (two against each of the five remaining characters) will result in a title match against the Great Puma, champion of the Video Wrestling Federation. Defeating Puma will make a player the interpromotional VWA/VWF Champion and end the game. It is worth noting that some Nintendo aficionados consider the Great Puma to be one of the most difficult boss characters to ever appear on the NES.

The two player mode in Pro Wrestling features essentially the same gameplay as single player, though without the championship quest. Each player selects a wrestler and then proceed directly into the match. The game prevents the same character from being chosen for both players. Unlike the single player mode, each match is a best-of-three-falls match.

Computer Gaming World named it as the Best Sports Game of 1988 for Nintendo, stating that it offered "realistic graphics, non-stop action and realistic wrestling moves. It concluded that Pro Wrestling was "the only wrestling game that really understands what it is simulating". Game Informer named it the 79th best game ever made in 2001. The staff considered it a trail blazer and praised its soundtrack. Famitsū reported that Pro Wrestling was the #1 video game in the United States for about two months.
Product Information
Publisher Nintendo
Game Title Pro Wrestling
UPC 045496630294
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Wrestling
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1987
Game Special Features
  • Perform body slams, throws, clotheslines, double knee drops, punches, and more
  • Defend your title for ten consecutive matches to win the championship
  • Challenge a friend to a best-of-three series
  • Game Series Sports Series
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