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Reel Fishing (Sony PlayStation, 1997)

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Reel Fishing is a fishing simulation game. All the fishing spots are displayed with Full Motion Videos with the fish and line superimposed on them. Once you have bait, you see the fish and the end of your line and have to make sure he doesn't get away. Using the right bait you can catch fish, which can be held in your own personal aquarium, where they need to be taken proper care off. You have to refresh the water and feed them regularly.

The game is divided in stages. For each stage you need to catch a certain number of fish before you advance to the next location.

To catch a fish on Reel Fishing you must do two things, hook the fish and reel it in. When hooking a fish wait until its mouth has completely covered the hook then hit the reel button to set the hook. Once the hook is set then you must reel it in. Do not reel if the fish is resisting because you have a greater chance of the line snapping or you losing the fish. When the fish is speeding away and then slows that is the best time to reel it in because the fish will have a lesser chance of resisting.

A special fishing reel controller was released with the first game that was also compatible with the sequels. The first game was successful enough to reach "Greatest Hits" status.
Product Information
Publisher Natsume
Game Reel Fishing
UPC 719593050018
Platform Sony PlayStation
Genre Fishing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick, Fishing Reel Controller
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Release Year 1997
Game Special Features
  • Catch a variety of fish that inhabit lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams
  • Keep your catches in your virtual fish tank
  • Unlock new and more challenging fishing spots as the game progresses
  • Game Series Reel Fishing Series
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