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MTV Remote Control (Nintendo NES, 1990)

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In Remote Control, experience first-hand the quirky humor and categories associated with MTV's first ever game show. The game's questions are often based on old television shows or pop culture in general. Some categories, such as "Brady Physics," will even test your knowledge of science and math with questions such as, "If Alice sticks a fork down a toaster, how many volts of electricity will jolt her?"

The three contestants -- up to two humans and the computer -- then have five seconds to buzz in and choose one of the three multiple-choice answers. An answer will often be followed by a snide remark by the host. There are nine categories per round, each behind a "channel." The points increase with each of the three questions per channel and are doubled in the second round. Midway through the second round, the contestant with the fewest points will be eliminated, leaving the two other contestants to battle it out in a lighting round to decide it all.
Product Information
Publisher Hi Tech Expressions
Game Remote Control
UPC 087855000324
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Game Show, Trivia
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
Release Year 1990
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