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Replacement Parts: N64 Memory Expansion Port Cover

  • $499

Lost your lid? We've got you covered!

This is a brand new lid for your Memory Expansion port matches the colour and appearance of your original N64 console! Just select the colour to match and your 64-bit system's outer shell will be whole again.

This is a self-install option. You pay for the part only!

WARNING: Our original retro games & systems may have scratches, torn labels and other defects due to their age and condition as a used product. All original licenced games & hardward however has been painstakingly cleaned, repaired and tested so as to ensure it is in top working condition. The goal is to try for a 100% restoration, however please keep in mind that while we are usally pretty good at this, these items are old and as such this is not always completely achievable.

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