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Road Rash (Sega Game Gear, 1994)

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The basic gameplay is similar to Sega's Hang-On (1985) and Tatsumi's Cycle Warriors (1991).[3] The player competes in illegal road races and must finish in either 3rd or 4th place (depending on the version being played) and up in every race of a "level" in order to proceed to the next. As these levels progress, the opponents ride faster and fight harder, and the tracks are longer and more dangerous. Placing in each race gives a certain amount of money, with higher-level races offering higher payouts. This money allows the player to buy faster bikes and parts, which are needed to stay competitive, pay for repairs if the motorcycle is wrecked, or pay for fines if one is arrested by the police. The game is over if the player is unable to pay for these repairs or fines.

Road Rash requires that players contend with various grade changes. The physics reflect the act of going up or down a hill, as well as turning while climbing; this results in the ability to launch one's motorcycle great distances, resulting in crashes. Aside from this, Road Rash has a standard system of obstacles including street signs, trees, poles, and livestock. There is also active traffic while racing against other bikers.

The player character can fight other bikers with a variety of hand weapons or simple punches and kicks. The player character can grab a weapon from another rider by timing a punch correctly. The list of weapons has grown with the games, starting from the clubs in the first Road Rash, and eventually including things like crowbars, nunchaku, and cattle prods. Whatever the weapon, successful attacks damage an opponent's stamina, and depleting this stamina will cause a biker to wipeout which can also damage the bike; this functions much like hitting a car or other major obstacle, and it all applies to you as much as to other racers (though in most of the games, you have more stamina than opponents).

The motorcycle police officers fight the player as another opponent and serve as gameplay enforcers by culling players who fall too far behind or choose to explore the world rather than race in it. Losing a fight with an officer or being caught by one while off one's motorcycle causes the player to be busted, ending the race.
Product Information
Publisher US Gold Ltd.
Game Road Rash
UPC 743175791082
Platform Sega Game Gear
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1994
Game Series Road Rash Series
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