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RoadBlaster (Sega Genesis, 1991)

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RoadBlasters lets you get behind the wheel of a futuristic red speedster as you race down twisting tracks to reach the Rally Point in record time. Working against you are enemy cars that hog the road, a limited amount of fuel and gun turrets trying to shoot you down!

As if the enemies weren't enough, you'll also have to swerve to avoid mines and toxic spills, causing your vehicle to spin out whenever you run over them. Fortunately, you have some offensive firepower of your own to help you get to that Rally Point in one piece. Not only is your vehicle outfitted with machine guns, but it has the capability of supporting four special weapons dropped by an airship.

These include U.Z. Cannons (rapid fire guns), Electro Shields (protects vehicle from damage), Nitro Injectors (boosts your speed to 298 mph) and Cruise Missiles (destroys everything in their path). RoadBlasters is divided into twelve regions, each spanning multiple stages, for a total of fifty races. Points are earned through destroying enemies, with bonus multipliers awarded for being accurate, while fuel is maintained by driving over green and red globes along the track.

Players have five lives to make it through as many races as they can; each time they run out of fuel before crossing the Rally Point, they'll lose one car. If the game sounds familiar, then it probably is: RoadBlasters for the Genesis is a translation of Atari Games' 1987 coin-op game of the same name.
Product Information
Publisher Tengen
Game RoadBlasters
UPC 031763032502
Platform Sega Genesis
Genre Racing
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1991
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