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Rocket Power Beach Bandits (Nintendo Gamecube, 2002)

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Nickelodeon's 1999 animated series about a family of extreme sports enthusiasts comes to GameCube with the release of Rocket Power: Beach Bandits. The sand from Ocean Shores beach has been disappearing at an alarming rate, so the team decides to investigate who or what is responsible. The result is a 3D adventure that takes place in and around Ocean Shores beach, where players can visit such locales as the Shore Shack, City Hall, Madtown Skate Park, the Pier, the Lakes, a Robot Factory, and Mondo Mountain.

Each area poses several environmental hazards and features a number of mechanical minions looking to stop the Rocket Power team from uncovering the truth. The main aspect of play, Story Mode, has players conversing with local residents to piece together the clues associated with the disappearing sand. As players talk to characters, new challenges open up, such as races and stunt-based events, which are played on skateboards, jet-skis, and other equipment. Completing these events earns players more information and may open up new locales to visit.

The default perspective is a third-person view behind the character as players run around looking for clues. Coins can be collected at various points to play mini-games at the Pier or unlock bonus characters and a hidden Skate Park level at the end of the game. Other items on a level include health pickups in the form of snacks and different hockey pucks of varying power and numbers. These pucks are used to attack the robotic enemies, as each member of the team is armed with a hockey stick. Each new challenge, some of which are designed for two players, is automatically recorded to Reggie Rocket's 'Zine for play at a later time.

Game Rankings scores it 61% for the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube.
Product Information
Publisher THQ
Game Rocket Power: Beach Bandits
UPC 785138380070
Platform Nintendo Gamecube
Genre Extreme Sports
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1 or 2
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
ESRB Descriptor Comic Mischief
Release Year 2002
Game Special Features
  • Snap photos of evidence while using the Twister Cam in certain areas
  • Avoid dangers such as electric floors, falling rocks, sinking logs, molten lava, and more while exploring Ocean Shores
  • Extras include cheat code support and character art
  • Features tutorial movies to teach users how to play
  • Defeat robot minions by firing hockey pucks at them
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